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Lakewood Remodeling Contractors

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Lakewood Remodeling Contractors


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Lakewood Remodeling Contractors;

Remodeling is one of the ways to maintain & increase your property values. In these tough economic times; we need to be prudent in our real estate investments. Our homes are one of the largest investments we will make. When considering when and where to spend our money, we should look at he most efficient and cost effective ways of improving our properties. Kitchen remodeling with granite countertops. - CPO-Denver Sports Chiropractor - Small business accounting

StongBack has Colorado real estate and mortgage experts in-house who can provide current market data so decisions will be made with the market factors considered. Our Lakewood experts have more than 80 years combined experience.
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StongBack has taken published experts to help us do the best job for you. Kitchen and bath remodeling are among the top investment considerations. This can include cabinets, countertops, flooring and fixtures. Saving thousands of dollars can be accomplished by several methods of refinishing and recovering existing areas as opposed to buying new and paying for installation. Granite, Marble and tile are great materials to consider when looking for a completely NEW look. At the sametime, this will increase your home's value.

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Our electricians and plumbers are all experienced and licensed. They are able to help you consider the most aesthetic fixtures and appliances for the best price. Generally, the electrical service to your home will be adequate; if not, we can help you make the decision to add more amps and wattage if required.

We take care of permits for the electrical and plumbing needs; including demolition and replacement. If a room addition is your need, we can help design and complete all phases with excavation, concrete, framing and mechanical.

Our Lakewood concrete experience is very extensive; dating back to the 1960's and 1970's. You will only need to deal with one entity for your completed project. Our concrete experts offer patios, driveways, monolithic slabs; for any type of structure or landscape need. The curb appeal of your home is a factor in the appraised value; for sale or refinancing.

There are cost effective landscaping designs that will change the character of your home. Our landscape experts have residential and commercial experience; including fountains, various types of rock walls and walkways. Materials include precast stone and pavers to indigenous colored rock and stone. We can provide you with brick and stone firepits, pavillions, eating and sitting areas.

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